IBLPDetox Relaunch

April 11, 2012 2 comments

Many of you noted the absence of my site over the past few months.  I needed to take some time off the anti-IBLP wagon.  My sentiment hasn’t changed, but I would say my perspective is a little clearer.

Thanks to all of you who support this site – it is much appreciated.  I find that I do not have the time to maintain it often nor the physical and emotional energy to stay current with all that happens in the IBLP world. It can be very draining and quite frankly it is difficult spiritual warfare.  However, I still believe my content to be relevant and there are questions in need of answering.  I apologize in advance for not spending much time enhancing this site or answering questions that get sent to me.  As I can I will update and respond, but keep your expectations low.  Sites like RecoveringGrace.org have the manpower and intent to stay current and offer consistent information. I would refer you to them as a primary resource.

Furthermore, I have made minor revisions to several articles and statements on this site to provide consistency of thought and direction.  Some of these were simple nuances but others were inconsistencies in my story and/or perspective.  Hopefully the site is clearer.  I have personally changed a lot since I launched this site in 2010 (including experiencing salvation itself) and I find that I grow daily in my understanding of life and God.  I’m grateful for this growth, but you may find notable inconsistencies in my writing pattern and perspective.  I’ll correct them as I find them.

Until next time..

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What is IBLPDetox?

August 9, 2010 3 comments

IBLPDetox is a response to the teachings of Bill Gothard and IBLP.  It is not intended to be a bashing site, but is a place where those from within, those seeking to get into, and those seeking to get out of the IBLP movement can come to think and ponder the teachings of this organization and hopefully find some answers that might direct them to some kind of stability and/or spiritual direction.

As an alumni of the Basic Seminar, Advanced Seminar, Financial Seminar, Anger Resolution Seminar, the full ATI course, and a two-year degree in Telos, I believe I can provide some insight into the core teachings of the organization and the detrimental philosophical and psychological impact it has on an individual’s perspective of God.

Since my indoctrination into IBLP, I have taken steps to perform a philosophical detox in an attempt to clear my perspective of God and start fresh, weeding through IBLP’s implied covenant interpretation of Scripture and taking a literal, dispensational approach to Bible interpretation.  My intent has been pure, without intentional opposition.  I hope that readers will find this site unbiased with a clear approach to the literal interpretation of Scripture without the overhead of another organization or denomination.

Readers will find most of the information in the menu above, but I also intend to include the occasional post.  I’m curious as to the feedback I will receive from this site, so please comment accordingly or send email to webmaster@iblpdetox.com.

Thanks for reading.


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